Integrate with your booking engine

Availpro and HDB|Hotel Direct Booster work in partnership since 2016 to help travelers in their booking process on your hotel website

The Availpro' Smart Booking Engine allows you to make your website the most complete and the most commercial showcase of your hotel. Available in more than 20 languages, it is ready to use and integrates with your graphic charter. By being connected to this booking engine, the livechat HDB|Hotel Direct Booster is available at each step of the booking funnel. The customer can be assisted from the beginning of its research until the confirmation of its booking.

With simplicity of use, a fluid and functional ergonomic, the Smart Booking Engine and HDB |Hotel Direct Booster make it easy to book a night in your hotel.

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Availpro, a leading technology provider to the global hospitality industry, aims at contributing to the hoteliers’ growth by increasing their online distribution,

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