Catch abandoned carts online by phone

Many travelers visit your website, fill out the form on the booking engine by selecting a journey offer and give up at the last moment. Catch visitors close to booking easily and turn them into direct bookings.

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Catching carts
has never been easier

With automated notifications, it becomes easy to follow up, schedule reminders and re-engage prospects.

Measure data
to transform into sales

Use data to catch up on a disappointing online shopping experience and turn it into direct bookings by phone.

Abandoned carts certified
by booking engines

Abandoned cart recovery software connected to your booking engine to instantly track sales

Designed for hotel groups

A single centralized platform to manage and relaunch the abandoned carts of all your hotels at the same time.

GDPR Compliance Software

Software that ensures optimal protection of travelers data

A sales resource to catch up lost carts for you

HDB salespeople take over from your teams to call back and convince hesitant travelers as soon as a cart is abandoned online. Be proactive effortlessly by tracking sales rep performance in real time.

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