Never keep your visitors waiting for an answer

A visitor spends 2 minutes 30 seconds on a hotel website. Help them through the process to give them a taste of the experience they will enjoy in your hotel and make the difference when it comes to purchasing.

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Stay in contact with your visitors

With Guest Inbox powered by HDB, you can help your travellers directly on your hotel website. Day or night, never miss out on an opportunity to convert hesitant visitors into direct buyers!


Management of cross-selling from one hotel to another

Increase customer loyalty and improve your customer relationships whilst generating additional profits.

Advanced conversion analysis

Analyse your travellers' perceived obstacles to purchasing and adjust your sales pitch to persuade them to book

Voice recording

Humanise your website by responding to your travellers on the chat by voice recording.

Bookings certified
by booking engines

Chat software connected to your booking engine to instantly track sales.

Behavioural targeting

Catch your visitors who are just about to abandon their booking and considerably increase your direct sales.

Live translation

The language barrier is no longer an obstacle. Communicate easily with travellers from all over the world.

Predictive message by AI

AI suggests responses to your agents depending on the visitors and turns your agents into super agents!

Expand your sales team in just 3 clicks

HDB Solutions provides you with its own sales reps who can take over from your team and directly help visitors to your website.

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Stay fast

Our dedicated sales reps respond to a hesitant traveller's request for assistance within 34 seconds, when your team is unavailable.

Stay available

Let our sales reps generate direct sales for you 24/7, when your team is unavailable. Define a time slot or period (night time, bank holidays, low season, etc.) and our experts will take over. No more lost bookings!

Stay relevant

Combine your sales pitch with marketing drivers to stay in synch with your revenue management objectives.